Do you need to know more about S1000D?

Would you like to get some hands-on experience and see how easy it is to author Data Modules in S1000D?

You don’t have an S1000D / XML Authoring Tool?  That’s OK!

Absolute Data Group (ADG) together with the OneStrand Team, run virtual S1000D Theory and virtual S1000D Authoring Workshops. To ensure you receive a real hands-on experience of working with S1000D, we offer FREE 30 day access to the R4i S1000D Software Suite.

What are you waiting for? Take these six easy steps to S1000D today:

STEP 1: Attend the Introduction to S1000D Theory session (Course outline here)

STEP 2: Download your 30 day FREE TRIAL of R4i Writer PE, R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker or R4i WorkSpace for Arbortext Editor with OneStrand AIR.

(Please Note: Step 1 and Step 2 need to be carried out first, before progressing to Step 3)

STEP 3: Attend the 2 x 2 hour Introduction to S1000D Authoring in R4i Writer (Course outline here) or S1000D Authoring in R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker or Arbortext Editor sessions (Course outline here)

Please Note: If you do not currently author structured documents in FrameMaker, we recommend that you complete the “Introduction to Structured Authoring” Course (Course Outline here)

STEP 4: Activate your permanent key for R4i Writer PE, by buying for USD $1,088 now or access R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker or R4i WorkSpace for Arbortext Editor by subscribing to OneStrand AIR for USD $315 Software, support and maintenance is all included!

STEP 5: Collaborate and expand your S1000D Project and trial R4i’s time saving, efficient software.

STEP 6: Take control of your S1000D system in-house by buying and installing the R4i Software components you need for your next project. Talk to the OneStrand Team about your requirements.