Do you need to know more about S1000D?

Would you like to get some hands-on experience and see how easy it is to author Data Modules in S1000D?

You don’t have an S1000D / XML Authoring Tool?  That’s OK!

During 2018, Absolute Data Group (ADG) together with the OneStrand Team, will be jointly running FREE virtual S1000D Theory and virtual S1000D Authoring Workshops.

Authors will be able to utilize the 30 day download of R4i Writer PE or R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker, ensuring you receive a real hands-on experience of working with S1000D, ensuring you receive a real hands-on experience of working with S1000D.

What are you waiting for? Take these six easy steps to S1000D today:

STEP 1: Attend a free 90 minute Introduction to S1000D Theory session (Course outline here) Please Contact the OneStrand Team so we can arrange for a suitable time to conduct the FREE virtual session.

STEP 2: Download your 30 day trial of R4i Writer PE or R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker with OneStrand AIR.

(Please Note: Step 1 and Step 2 need to be carried out first, before progressing to Step 3)

STEP 3: Attend the free 2 x 2 hour Introduction to S1000D Authoring in R4i Writer (Course outline here) or S1000D Authoring in R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker sessions (Course outline here)

Please Note: If you do not currently author structured documents in FrameMaker, we recommend that you complete the “Introduction to Structured Authoring” Course (Course Outline here)

STEP 4: Activate your permanent key for R4i Writer PE, by buying for USD $1,088 now or
access R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker by subscribing to OneStrand AIR for USD $315
Software, support and maintenance is all included!

STEP 5: Collaborate and expand your S1000D Project and trial R4i’s time saving, efficient software.

STEP 6: Take control of your S1000D system in-house by buying and installing the R4i Software components you need for your next project. Talk to the OneStrand Team about your requirements.