Whether you’re maintaining a fleet of aircraft or a fleet of earth movers, documenting the current configuration of your assets can be cumbersome. Maintenance costs, safety risks, and asset resale value are all significantly impacted by the quality of your configuration management and documentation packages.  OneStrand makes it easy by providing our clients with innovative software, business tools, and services to protect your investment.

Heavily regulated industries requires us to maintain firm control over our asset configurations and the associated documentation.  With advances in technologies continually driving asset configuration changes to ensure the most value of your asset, maintaining accurate maintenance records, manuals, task cards, and inspection reports can be a daunting task.  OneStrand’s advanced configuration management tools provide operators and fleet managers the tools they need to easily maintain their maintenance records, inspection reports, utilization reports, and their associated manuals throughout the life-cycle of their assets.

Imagine the cost-savings and convenience of having your latest asset modification or component swap accurately reflected in all of your associated manuals and regulatory documents with only a few simple keystrokes. Complying with regulatory documentation requirements has never been easier.

OneStrand’s Configuration Management Services Include:

  • On-demand manuals and documentation for multiple manufacturers in either iSpec 2200 or S1000D to print or view through our web portal
  • IETPs (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) and mobile IETPs for iOS, Android, Win RT tablets
  • Operator-specific authored content reflecting the unique configuration of your assets
  • Technical information domains–including maintenance, engineering, and operations manuals
  • Single-system coverage of maintenance and engineering documentation to reduce training requirements and simplify usability
  • Easily reuse information in task cards, training documents, and tech pubs for fleet operators
  • Task tracking and notification for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting features through our unique dashboard
  • Scalability to meet your unique requirements



  • IETPs allow technicians to find the right information at the right time, so they can perform tasks quicker and return assets to service faster​
  • Improved maintenance productivity with IETPs and mobile IETPs for iOS®, Windows and Android™ tablets
  • Single-system coverage of maintenance and engineering documentation for fleets and document types reduces training requirements and simplifies usability
  • Maximize asset utilization with less downtime for maintenance
  • Automated document content revisions and incorporation to reduce errors, facilitate regulatory compliance, and deliver accurate, up-to-date information to maintenance staff more quickly