My data is in S1000D XML, but I have been told I need to deliver PDF manuals to ATA iSpec 2200 and MIL-STD format, how can I do that?

If you have robust S1000D Publishing Software you should be able to generate a single PDF/publication with typical Chapter/Section type navigation, from your SGML and/or XML S1000D content (Data Modules). By combining the data modules into a book structure and utilising an XSL-FO industry standard stylesheet, you should be able to render the same S1000D content to iSpec 2200, MIL-STD, or any other style.

The OneStrand Team internally utilize ADG’s R4i Binder software to publish S1000D content as an industry stylized PDF manual. R4i Binder is an optional module that works or without the R4i CSDB Server®. R4i Binder has a flexible drag and drop interface to build complete PDF Books that include cover pages, hyperlinked Tables of Contents (TOC) and a hyperlinked Indexes.

R4i Binder accesses the structured content held in the R4i CSDB Server’s or network drive and processes the content using XSL-FO stylesheets. It can utilise FO stylesheets designed for any print standard.

R4i Binder is very easy to use. Users simply design the structure of their book by dragging content from the CSDB view onto their layout view. The Book structure can then be saved to the library and a stylesheet applied to produce the required PDF publication.


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For more detailed information on S1000D Publishing, Click here to view our R4i Binder Brochure.