I have been asked to deliver an S1000D IETP/IETM, what software will I need?


A few questions need to be answered to assist with responding:

  1. Has the customer specified that you must deliver an IETP to a certain Vendors IETP Viewer?
  2. Is the customer already using an IETP Viewer in house? If so, they only need you to deliver data as specified in the Business Rules

Has the customer indicated they have no S1000D Viewer preference, but you must deliver a certain level of functionality as detailed in the Functionality Matrix in the S1000D specification (refer to the IETM vs IETP page for information on the functionality matrix)

If item 1, you will need to license the required Viewer from the Vendor, and possibly additional tools from the vendor may be required to generate the IETP content for their Viewer.

If item 2, you simply have to deliver compliant S1000D content as a Data Delivery (DDN), with to the appropriate version of S1000D, and other requirements detailed in your Business Rules.

If item 3, you will need to utilize the Functionality Matrix the customer has supplied, and go out to market to evaluate S1000D Viewing tools for compliance against the customers’ needs detailed in the matrix. In addition to fulfilling the required functionality you will also want to take into account the licensing costs when delivery an IETP with the selected vendor’s Viewer. And again as mentioned above, additional tools from the vendor may be required to generate the IETP content for the chosen Viewer.

Depending on the amount of content you are required to prepare and the amount of authors in your team will also be a deciding factor on whether an S1000D CSDB is required.

The OneStrand team utilize the R4i Viewer for delivering S1000D IETP’s to end customers. The R4i Viewer is a powerful windows-based IETP Viewer that provides maintainers and operators with a highly interactive and unified view of manuals, eLearning courseware and maintainer job tasking. The R4i Viewer is royalty free to distribute with content published from the R4i CSDB.

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