SCORM e-Learning content from S1000D Data

How can I re-use my S1000D Technical content to create online learning materials that are SCORM compliant?

After confirming with the customer that they are currently writing S1000D Technical content using an S1000D compliant Common Source DataBase (CSDB), this question becomes a little easier to answer.

Specific learning content or modules will need to be developed using the S1000D Learning Schema. When the full training package is ready to be prepared, you can include any descriptive, procedural or operator data modules and combine them with learning content. This inclusion allows for re-use and automatic update of technical procedural and operator steps within the training packages.

Once the training and technical content is created, it is necessary be able to bundle this content into a learning delivery. You will need to refer to your projects delivery requirements, but the most common delivery requests for SCORM/Training content are:

  • SCORM content package – The S1000D SCORM content schema is a module structure that allows you to build the structure/order of your training content by referencing to your technical and learning modules. The end customer will then need to be load this SCORM package to create a SCORM PIF for their Learning Management System (LMS).
  • SCORM PIF – sometimes the customer will request that you generate and deliver a SCORM PIF training package that they can immediately load into their LMS.

The SCORM PIF is a complete package, including all of the relevant schemas and the critical imsmanifest.xml. The imsmanifest.xml is read by the e-Learning system and instructs the LMS what it is to be presented to the end user and what the LMS is to do with the results on the completion of each lesson that is included in the SCORM PIF.

At OneStrand our team utilise the SCORM Module within ADG’s R4i Binder, as it has a drag and drop interface from the CSDB to search for and include any content and re-order as required. The added benefit of R4i Binder is that as well as being able to generate the SCORM package (PIF) we also generate a Training Manual PDF of the same training content. The SCORM PIF output from R4i Binder can then be uploaded to the LMS for students to complete the online course.

Another benefit of R4i Binder is that it also allows me to generate a PDF for users that do not have access to the online training.

The technical stuff you will want to know about the S1000D Learning Schema’s

Issue 4 was when the two new Learning schemas were introduced. These are:

  • Learning
  • SCORM content package

The learning schema provides the ability to create the training files that are required for your online learning material.

The learning schema provides you with the ability to include:

  • Lesson introduction
  • Lesson objective
  • Topic introduction
  • Topic objective
  • Topic content
  • Testing knowledge check
  • Testing practice sessions
  • Testing assessment
  • Testing feedback

With the learning schema you have the ability to create assessment criteria. Depending on the LMS that is to be used will determine what types of assessment can be used.

Options that are available are:

  • Single select
  • Multiple select
  • True False
  • Sequencing
  • Hotspot

The end customers e-Learning LMS will determine which of the assessment criteria should be used in your training development.