Join Host Tammy Halter and Guest Presenter Steven Graves from OneStrand, as they discuss in detail how the Simplified Technical English (STE) specification can assist Engineers in the written content they provide.

This topic will include a background on:

  • What types of documents you need to write – descriptive vs procedural, or other;
  • Who the end audience is – Engineers, vs Technicians/Maintainers or Operators;
  • Understanding the two core parts to the STE specification (some of the techy stuff):
    1. Set of Writing Rules;
    2. A controlled Dictionary;
  • You don’t have to have STE software to implement some of the fundamentals into your writing style;
  • Understanding the benefits beyond “easy to read and understand”.

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USA (PST): 2:00pm Tuesday February 27th, 2018
Canada (EST): 5:00pm Tuesday February 27th, 2018
AUS (AEST): 8:00am Wednesday 28th of February, 2018


We hope you can join us for this informative webinar session!