OneStrand’s team of partners employs experts in the fields of software development, aerospace design and maintenance, regulatory compliance, process controls, and technical publications.  Our experience with a wide variety of civilian and defense transportation vehicles, systems, and components allows us to provide you with the expertise you need throughout the entire modification and regulatory approval process.

OneStrand and it’s partners can provide consulting services in the following domains:

  • Document Design
  • Technical Authoring
  • Illustration
  • Publishing
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • TC and STC Certification
  • Publishing and Workflow Software
  • Configuration Management
  • S1000D Sales and Consulting
  • Business Rules Development

Expert Services

OneStrand collaborates with our clients, helping them reach their business goals.  We can help you determine what products and tools will best solve your company’s challenges.

Technical Authoring

OneStrand’s authoring services employ writers with technical knowledge from varying industries to ensure you receive the best type of document with the most accurate content.  Our depth of knowledge is leveraged to produce some of the most industry-leading technical data for our clients, giving our customers a leading edge. OneStrand and its partners are capable of authoring a wide array of  manuals for various industries including:

  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft
  • Rotary-Wing Aircraft
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Operations Manuals
  • Piloting
  • Avionics
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Structures
  • Engineering



Our expertise in creating accurate and visually appealing graphics for your documents is unsurpassed.  Our illustrators have decades of experience with various illustration techniques and software including CAD design packages, IsoDraw, Illustrator, CATIA, AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works, Photoshop, and Canvas.


We’ve produced tens of thousands of documents through the years in many different formats. We maintain our expertise and keep pace with the latest industry standards and specifications to ensure your technical data is easy to use and access.  Today, online content is quickly becoming the standard and OneStrand’s team creates content in any format you require including content for online virtual space and mobile devices.

Aviation Maintenance

We maintain a staff of aviation experts with experience in all aspects of maintenance and inspection.  From aircraft maintenance technicians to airworthiness inspectors, our subject matter experts in-house and on-call provide our clients with the extra confidence they need to accomplish their modification projects and maintain their aircraft’s airworthiness.


Efficiencies are often based on the tools we choose in our business.  We have a staff of application programmers creating and updating software tools to keep OneStrand and its clients at the forefront of our industries. A combination of off-the-shelf software tools, custom tools, and our publishing experience create a powerful resource for a variety of content formats and custom software to support your business processes.

Regulatory Compliance and Certification Support

OneStrand and its partners  employ FAA CFR experts on staff and on-call to track the latest regulations that can impact your aircraft, components, and documentation.  We have DERs, FAA Inspectors, and A&P mechanics with Inspection Authority available to support your projects.

S1000D & ATA iSpec 2200

Our specialization in transportation systems publishing informs our knowledge of both S1000D and iSpec 2200 standards. These specs guide today’s technical documentation industry and are universally accepted as the latest benchmarks in publishing.  Let us review your project to help you determine the portions of these specs that may have a critical impact to your project scope and budget.

Configuration Management

Our history of dealing with large volumes of documentation data in highly regulated industries has made us experts in the field of configuration management.  OneStrand’s team of configuration management experts has developed tools to better manage documentation in a multi-asset environment.  Coupled with OneStrand’s Revision Services, our configuration management tools become a powerful solution for maintaining all of your maintenance and regulatory documentation.

Technical Consulting

OneStrand and its partners protect the interests of our clients by helping them solve complex business challenges through the use of advanced technical solutions and leveraging our specialized experience.  From product life-cycle management and asset maintenance to technical documentation and staff training, we can partner with you to develop tactical and strategic processes to give you an industry advantage.

SME Referrals

We have developed and nurtured many long-lasting partnerships over the last 30+ years throughout the aerospace industry and beyond.  If our diverse and skilled staff cannot provide you with the expertise you need, we are well-suited to connect you with the right SME for your project.  Feel free to contact us so we can help make your goals reality.