2-Day STE Training at Kirkland WA, USA: June 20-21, 2017

Anyone who is responsible for writing technical instructions or engineering documents should consider taking advantage of this classroom based, on-site training conducted in Kirkland, WA!

What is Simplified Technical English (STE)?

Simplified Technical English is a controlled language specification to help users of English-language maintenance documentation understand what they read. It is a carefully limited and standardized subset of English, and regulated for use in the aerospace and defense industries.

The STE Specification provides a set of Writing Rules and a Dictionary of controlled vocabulary. The Writing Rules cover aspects of grammar and style; the Dictionary specifies the usable general words. These words were chosen for their simplicity and ease of recognition, even for readers where English is not their first language. In general, there is only one word for one meaning.

Benefits of Using STE

  • Reduce ambiguity;
  • Improve the clarity of technical writing, especially procedural writing;
  • Improve comprehension for people whose first language is not English;
  • Make human translation easier, faster, and more cost effective;
  • Facilitate computer-assisted translation and machine translation;
  • Improve reliability and safety by reducing the probability of errors in maintenance and assembly.

Why Training?

STE is a simplified language, but writing correctly in STE is not an easy task. Without training, authors tend to focus simply on the Dictionary and not on the Writing Rules, which are equally important. STE training is the first essential step for technical authors to incorporate Simplified Technical English into their writing successfully.


Instructor: Steven Graves from OneStrand
June 20-21, 2017, 8:00am – 4:30pm (lunch is provided both days)

Where: Astronics AES Kirkland WA, USA
Cost: $950 per person (student workbook included)
To Register: Email sales@onestrand.com by Friday June 2nd, 2017


Limited space available — sign up today!