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In this webinar, we explored the purpose and structure of CIRs, what problems they solve, what problems they present in setting up a project, how transforms are used to implement CIRs for delivery, and issues related to getting your data into one or more CIRs.  The perspective of the webinar was from the point of view of people who have implemented CIRs into a technical manual production process and who have had many years of experience working with customer business data.

About the Presenters:

We were delighted to welcome Guest Presenter Ellen Brooks who is currently a Senior Publisher for AEC, Inc. – a joint venture partner of OneStrand, with over 25 years experience in the publishing industry, specializing in graphic design and print production and 9 years experience in aerospace publishing, specializing in information architecture.  Ellen is also a Primary author of XML transforms (XSLT and XSL-FO) for S1000D at AEC, Inc.

Ellen went to college for an engineering degree and came out with a Bachelor’s of Science in Art. A strange combination, but it translates really well into today’s world of structured documentation and information architecture. Someone needs make sure engineering documents are readable!

She spent her early career in the graphic design and advertising industries, but then 9 years ago followed her inner geek to technical publishing. Now she spends her time supporting structured FrameMaker and S1000D at AEC, Inc. and looks forward to being up to her elbows in code.

Also joining our webinar this month, we welcomed Charlie Cousins of AEC, Inc., Charlie began an association with technical publications in 1983 as a parts lister for an engineering firm with U.S. Navy NAVSEA contracts and most recently has been part of a small team of bruised visionaries developing and implementing S1000D authoring processes for civil aviation maintenance manuals in a production environment.

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